Sachi Angle


I am a Dual Masters of Information Systems and Applied Information Sciences student at Cornell Tech, Cornell University. Through this degree I get to explore product design and creation from ground up with a focus on Data Science and Machine Learning. My current obsessions include Generative Adversial Networks for personalised design creations, Natural Language Understanding, and the role technology can play in more responsible delivery of news and content on online social media sites.

    • Software Engineering Intern, Audible
    • Jun'20 - Aug'20
  • I joined the Audible Voice Experience Team at Audible this summer as a Software Development Intern. My projet involved building an Alexa Skill that can quiz users on the audiobook content they hear. I went the extra mile by building an NLP model that can automatically construct questions for the books, therefore removing the manual process required to set up quizzes for every audio book. The model used Named Entity Recognition and POS Tagging. It was exciting to work on the team that bridges the gap between Audible and Alexa and improves the customers' experience on Alexa!
    • Cornell Tech, Cornell University
    • Aug'19 - May'21
  • I began my course at Cornell Tech in August 2019 and I will be graduating in May 2021. Through courses like Start Up Studio, Product Studio, Human Computer Interaction, and Business Fundamentals, I learn the art behind successfully running start ups and building new products from scratch. Along with this, I dive deep into Data and Computer Science through courses like Algorithms, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, Applied Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Deep LearningS.
    • Software Engineer, Microsoft
    • Jun'18 - Jul'19
  • Prior to beginning my Masters course, I worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, India. As an engineer on the Microsoft Substrate AI team (The Cloud Platform for Office 365 Data to be used for Machine Learning), I worked on the pipeline that efficiently and compliantly extracts Office 365 data, in parallel, as structured schematized data available for consumption by partner ML teams. During my one year here, I was the first runner up at Microsoft Bangalore for the annual hackathon. I worked on a project that aims to improve the workplace virtual conversation and project management experience using Natural Language Processing, and filed a patent on the same.
    • NLP Research Intern, IIIT-Hyderabad
    • Jan'18 - May'18
  • I spent my final semester of my undergraduate degree researching at the International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad. My research was focused on NLP for Indian Languages. My paper on the Automatic Error Detection in POS Tags for Hindi Data was published in PACLIC '18 and I presented it at Hong Kong. I also researched Semi supervised methods that can be employed for POS tagging of the data scarce language, Konkani.
    • Manipal Institute of Technology
    • Jun'14 - May'18
  • I completed my B. Tech. in Computer Science with a minor in Intelligent Systems from Manipal Institute of Technology. Over the four years, I excelled in CS and Data Science courses like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Teaching Asst), and Data Structures. During this time, I was the Board Member of Teach Code For Good, a volunteer program through which underprivileged children are taught how to code in python. I was also a writer and sub-editor for HR at the MIT Post, Manipal Institute of Technology's official media body, and an active member of Google Women Tech Makers, guiding and helping my batchmates and juniors with research concerns and job interview preparation.